Twitter Top 10

Over at SXSW there has been quite a bit of twitter activity, so much so that the gtalk twitter bot has been offline most of the weekend.

Over at SplashCast they have posted a list of the Top 10 Twitter web items. Some of the items are tools to help you use Twitter better (ie. Prom Queen), and some are just some fun friends to have.

There is even a guinea pig posting on Twitter.

If you aren’t on Twitter yet, you need to be. It’s becoming the fastest growing global community on the web. Sign up today, add me as a friend,  and answer, “What are you doing?”


One thought on “Twitter Top 10

  1. Do YOU use twitter?
    Wish you could find local twitters to you?

    Check out twitterami 1.0 is kind of crude but please let us know if you have an idea to improve

    You could not have known of it when writing this blog because the idea was born at around noon today and now I am SOOOO ready to go to bed!!!

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