Picasa increases to 1 gig

Today Google’s Picasa Web Album upgraded to a free 1 gig account. They also integrate into Blogger for all of your blogs photos. Search now works globally instead of just within your own photos. You can even upload photos directly from iPhoto. Lots of other new features as well.

If you want to upgrade your account here are the new rates:

6.25GB ($25 USD per year)
25GB ($100 USD per year)
100GB ($250 USD per year)
250GB ($500 USD per year)

Download Google’s Picasa here

2 thoughts on “Picasa increases to 1 gig

  1. Looks like Picasa Web Albums is starting to make strides to close the gap with flickr. If they keep going in this direction, I just may switch. Especially with flickr’s mandated integration with Yahoo. But not yet. Picasa Web Albums still has a way to go…

  2. I’ve been using Picasa for a long time and since I switched have been sort of okay with using iPhoto. I don’t really like it but I’m able to get what I need done. I’ve been using the Picasa Web Albums plugin for a while now as well as a Flickr uploader plug in and I like the Picasa Web Album. Mainly because the free account lets me do more than I could with Flickr. I used up my quota of “albums” real quick on Flickr so I’ve been using Web Albums ever since.

    I don’t really like the look and feel of the Web Albums site though.


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