Google Phone: Switch

Okay, if this keeps up I will have 3 separate cell phones. I REALLY want the iPhone, but I don’t know that I could give up my CrackBerry, and guess who might be throwing their hat into the ring? Well I’ll give you a guess, its one of my favorite companies in the world, and the title of this post might of given it away as well.

google switch

The rumored Google phone is code-named Switch, and it’s either a joint partnership with Samsung or their own phone. What makes me think that if they do release a phone that it is going to be amazing, is that they hired the guy (Andy Rubin) who created Danger.

You might not know what Danger is, since the company name isn’t that widely talked about, but I’m sure you know the main device they produce, the Sidekick. Personally, I’ve owned every version of the Sidekick since the first black & white screen stage with the external camera. It was one of the best user experiences I’ve had on a phone device.

Will we be seeing a Google phone? I hope so, but until there is something more concrete, this gets filed under rumors.


One thought on “Google Phone: Switch

  1. Given Eric Schmidt’s comments yesterday about Apple and Google “working on a lot of things” together, and given that the code-name of the phone is “Switch”, isn’t it at least as likely that the Google phone is the Apple iPhone with a lot of Google stuff pre-installed? We already saw Google Maps, but why stop there?

    Here’s my scenario. Google had a super-secret project on a phone type device. But after they started getting together with Apple, it made more sense to merge the project with Apple’s own iPhone development team. That way, Google can focus on the software and leave the hardware to Apple. Sure, Samsung has hardware experience, but you’re not going to get the kind of expertise of software+hardware that Apple brings to the table.

    So which makes more sense?

    1) Try to roll your own hardware (where Google has no experience) by partnering with a company (Samsung) that happens to hawk products which would compete directly with yours (Blackjack, any of Samsung’s Windows Mobile devices).


    2) Partner with Apple and develop a ton of Google apps for the iPhone really quickly and with minimal effort, and let Apple worry about all the hardware and retail sales issues. Not to mention the marketing machine Apple + Google would create….

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