Bandwagon Pricing

bandwagon1Remeber the company that was giving away 1 year memberships to bloggers for blogging about their unlimited iTunes backup service? Well they turned out to have a bit more of a demand then they expected, and their pricing structure just wasn’t working out.

Well they have refunded the $69 paid by non-bloggers for the service, and changed the service to a Do-It-Yourself plan. They want you to get an Amazon S3 account, FTP account, or 2nd mac for backup.

bandwagon price

I could of sworn that backing up to another mac was as easy as copying the directory over, but I guess their method is better then that and why not $18/year for the technology of drag and drop.

Webhosts like Mosso and Dreamhost have plenty enough space in most user accounts to upload your entire music library. I am not sure how well the host are going to like you doing this though. Check your TOS before you do the FTP option.

The Amazon S3 service has been something I’ve been interrested in for quite some time. Let me check out my iTunes library and see how much it would cost to host there monthly. (Keep in mind I lost all of my non-iTunes tracks a few months back).

I currently have 19 gigs of music. That means a monthly cost of $2.85, but the initial upload would be $3.80. To restore your entire music library it would be another $3.80 charge.

What if you had an 80 gig iPods worth of music to backup?  $12/month cost and initial $16 upload costs.

I think that I would use the FTP option, and bloggers do get a free 6 months of this new DIY service if you beta test.  The service won’t be available till April 2007.


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