T-Mobile at 25 million

T-Mobile recently released their numbers, and they now have over 25 million subscibers, which is amazing, because when I call tech support I get through within seconds. I have been a “valued T-Mobile customer since 2002.”

A large credit is given to MyFaves to the growth of 901,000 new subscibers in Q4 2006.  Personally, I just canceled my MyFaves last night, as that I don’t use that many minutes monthly. I do, however, use a ton of text messages and Blackberry wireless, so the Blackberry 1000 plan works best for me (including unlimited text messages).

I am however planning, like many, to switch to Cingular in the next few months. I would like to try out the Blackberry 8800, and might even use the iPhone as a secondary phone (since there is no indication that it will run Google Talk a critical feature of a phone for me).


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