Migrate your Gmail to Google Premiere

There are a lot of folks out there with HUGE Gmail accounts, up to and surpassing the allotted amount supplied by Google’s Gmail service.

With the new Google Premiere Edition, you can pay $50/year for a 10 gig email solution from Google. The problem is that you have those 2.8+ gigs in the old Gmail account. How do you transfer them over?

Here’s the solution:

  • You can go to your Settings in your Gmail
  • Click Forwarding and Pop
    Enable POP for all mail (even mail that’s already been downloaded). If you had POP enabled already, disable it, save then re-enable it.
  • Then log into your new Google Premiere account.
  • Navigate to Settings in the email environment and click on Accounts
  • Setup “Get mail from other accounts” with your old gmail username information. The POP server should be pop.gmail.com.
  • It should suck down ALL of your old email through POP.
  • That’s it. All your old emails will be sucked down into your new account (granted this will take some time), as well as new messages coming from the old Gmail Account.

3 thoughts on “Migrate your Gmail to Google Premiere

  1. Dude, what about all the labels and stars, and everything that everybody has done to keep their Gmail organized? If you just POP your mail from one mailbox to another, it’s all gone. I applaud the ingenuity, but this is not a real solution.

    There still needs to be a real gmail *migration* solution, not just an ’email copy’.

  2. this doesn’t work. it returns an error message that says: “Server returned error: “You can’t fetch mail from Gmail accounts” 😡 😡

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