The coolest iPod case

iPod griffin

This has to be one of the coolest ideas for an iPod case I’ve ever seen. Sam Levin why didn’t you tell me about this thing? It’s the latest case from Griffin Technology, and boy is it sweet. It’s the Griffin Relect.
It is made of a hardened plastic with a mirrored chrome finish, not the same scratchy chrome that the iPod is made out of. The back features matte black rubberized case back which compliments the front and adds grip to the case.

Here’s the sweet part. When the iPod isn’t on it looks like the chrome, but turn the iPod on and you can see right through the chrome to the display.

It works on all 5th Gen iPods, 2nd Gen iPod nanos, and SanDisk Sansa. It’s only $24.99 (a great price for an iPod case), and can be purchased now.

One thought on “The coolest iPod case

  1. sweet case. . . . now only if i would go out and buy a brand new ipod to replace my perfectly working, but old school, 1st gen nano.. . . . maybe next year.

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