Pay for more Gmail space

In addition to all of the hoopla for Google Apps Premier, a way to now pay for more storage in your Gmail account is finally here.

It’s only $50/year for 10 gigs of space, an increase of  7.2 gigs based on the current hosting amount. There is a slight problem if you are trying to use an account. There is no way to upgrade that email account yet, but if you own a domain, you can simply run your email through the new Google Apps Premier and get 10 gigs of space.

If you are currently using Gmail and at your limit (read Adam Curry, Drew Domkus, or Jason Calacanis), you can simply have your messages forward to your new domain based Gmail account. I know these 3 guys have MANY domin names, and I’m sure they can figure out how to manage getting this new Google service to work for their needs.

So if you have run out of room on your Gmail account, it’s only $50/year for your own 10 gigs ad free email box.


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