Google Apps Premier Edition

Google is targeting Microsoft directly in this one offering their Google Apps Premier at $50 per user. This includes 10 gigs of space, no ads in Gmail, 99.9% uptime guarntee, 24/7 phone assistance, 3rd party applications and services (yet to be determined what these might be), and all of the following applications: Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Docs & Spreadsheets, Page Creator and Start Page.

It is yet to be determined when/if Google will offer a PowerPoint type program online, but that would certainly lead the way towards switching users from Microsoft’s Office Suite.

Last I checked ONE copy of Office Standard Edition was $299 with the Ultimate Edition at $599. Including the cost of email hosting, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a deal. Companies can save hundreds or thousands of dollars if they are planning on upgrading to the new Office Vista packages.

I have been using Google Apps for Domain for and running all of my email through it. It works great, and I’ve had no problems at all. It is a great suite of products, and Google is going to make a ton of money on this one. Watch out Microsoft, Google’s got their sites set on you.

Oh btw, this is also free until April 30th as well.


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