How to get bloggers to link? Bribe them

Bandwagon is a new service for mac users that allows you to upload your iTunes library and host it there as a backup (BTW when is Leopard and Time Machine coming out anyway?).

They are giving away a free year of hosting to any blogger who posts their logo and links to them. So hereI go:


I’m not sure how safe I feel using the new service as that they haven’t even determined a price scheme yet. They are talking about $69/year to $99/year, or just selling it as a monthly $1/month service which uploads to our own Amazon S3 account. They are even talking about using website hosting companies to host the media.

Sounds like they don’t have all of their ducks in a row currently. Being that they don’t have any ads up on the site for a quick gag to earn some extra ad money, I am guessing this will be a legit service. I just want to know that my music is stored safely online, not in some shared hosting server.


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