iPod Dock extender

I’ve been begging for a solution to this problem for quite some time now. Now this isn’t the exact solution I was looking for, (how about a small 6 inch extender cord) but this solves the solution in most circumstances. From SendStation, the makers of iPod PocketDock comes the Dock Connector.

This allows you to use your iPod with it’s case on while still plugged into devices that take advantage of the dock connector. It even comes with a slip that goes into the device and helps the iPod stand up straight.


This seems to work great with the iPod HiFi, but how would it work with the Bose SoundDock? I don’t think it would work in the SoundDock being so close to the speaker. I guess only time will tell.

There is no price on this yet or release date, but you can check out all the details here.


One thought on “iPod Dock extender

  1. This is useless for anything that has a deep cradle like the inMotion IM7 as well or any other thing that uses a deep cradle. Not to sure why they created an extender with such limited use for most of us in need of one.

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