10 Fashion tips for Nerds

I have to say, that while I consider myself more of a geek then a nerd, I don’t agree with a few of the items on this list.

  1. Never wear socks with sandals (agree, but when was the last time I wore sandles?)
  2. Do NOT tuck in your shirt (unless at a formal event) (disagree based on the type of shirts I wear)
  3. Do NOT wear free or company t-shirts (agree)
  4. Running shoes are for the gym ONLY (could go either way)
  5. If it has a hole, tear or discoloration throw it out (agree)
  6. Pants – no pleats or tapered legs (agree, bluejeans all the time)
  7. No facial hair (disagree)
  8. Make sure nails are trimmed and clean (agree)
  9. White socks are only worn during athletic activities (disagree but I wear boots all the time so you can’t ever see what color they are)
  10. Always wear a belt (semi disagree/agree)

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