The 416 miles never traveled

iPod hifidelityYesterday, I ran across a blog post that the Apple HiFi was marked down to $87 at Target. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I decided to look into it a bit further.

The post seemed to come from another post over at the Consumerist. They linked back to this message board, where people were talking about the deal. Apparently people were able to buy it for the $87 price, but others were reporting they had purchased it previously at $175 (still half off).

I immediately started my search for a Target in my area that had one of these. I called all around Pinellas County and Tampa to no avail. Called Orlando, Miami, and even places I had never heard of. I began going down the list of every Target store in Florida.

I found out as I was going along that the listed DPCI number on the blog posts (241-07-8296) was only for the online item description, the instore DPCI number was: 057-10-1260. I started to ask the employees to check if there were any stores around them with any. One turned up as “in stock” in Clermont, Fl. I called that store and they didn’t have it.

After calling the store in Yulee (I jumped to the bottom of the list) they said that a store in Jacksonville had one in stock. I called up that store and indeed they had one. I made the clerk go and check that he could physically see it. He took it behind the counter for me to hold till I got there. I was about to head off on a 416 round trip to save some money (thank goodness my car gets 30+ miles to the gallon).

I decided to call a few other stores quickly to make sure there weren’t any closer Hi-Fi’s. None could be found. I call up the store manager at the Jax store again to see if I can pay for it with my credit card right there and then just to make sure that it would still be there when I got there. She said that they couldn’t but to talk to the clerk to make sure he held it for me, even though that isn’t their policy.

I spoke with the clerk again, and this time I decided to ask him to ring it up just to make sure the price was $87. I didn’t want to drive 3 1/2 hours (this was Google Map‘s estimated time although through rush hour it was looking more like 5 hours). He ran it up and it came up as $175. OUCH!

This wasn’t the huge deal I was expecting. This was only a savings of 1/2 off. With the cost of gas, aprox $30, I was only saving about $145 on this item. Still a great savings, but worth the 4+ hour drive?

flausaI decided it wasn’t worth it, and scrapped the whole thing. If it would of been in Tampa, I would of been there in a second, but it was 208 miles away. I don’t think anyone would drive that far to save 50% on an item they don’t even need.

So that’s my iPod Hi-Fi story from yesterday. It was a crazy hour or so trying to find one, then getting the maps, and planning out everything as fast as I could. I guess it would of turned out to be a better story if I had driven all that way, and they had already sold it, but I’m happy to say that didn’t happen. They put it back on the shelf and someone in Jax is now the happy owner of what would of been my iPod Hi-Fi.


3 thoughts on “The 416 miles never traveled

  1. I got a bit excited over that too and used the amazon product id->target lookup->view source tip in some forum to scout all the surrounding targets to me and some friends in other parts of the us, but I couldn’t find any available.

  2. I live in Saint Augustine, Nick and I went by the STA store after work. I called the Jax store after they said they didn’t have it and the guy at jax said, yea we’ve got one on hold but people have been asking abou tit all day. That’s funny Nick how small of a world it is. You had it on hold and decided not to get it if I had called any later I probably coul dhave driven up and gotten it even if it was only half off but no you had t reserve it then change your mind later.

    I just think its funny.

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