In "We stole Wal-Mart's thunder" news

aunboxTiVo has announced a partnership with Amazon’s Unbox service to deliver movies direct to your TiVo set. Not all TiVo units will work (Comcast, DirecTV, or Series 1 models), but when the service switches live, all the other boxes will work. I still have a TiVo Series 1 & 2 in storage, simply because I don’t use them, but this might be a reason to pull the Series 2 out of storage.

Not all of Amazon’s Unbox movies will be available either. Sony and Disney are the holdouts. There will be limitations to how many devices you can have the movies on, as well as mac computers being incompatable, but this is a huge step for TiVo. There have been rumors that TiVo would offer this sort of service with nearly every distribution company out there, from Netflix to Apple.

This certainly takes a bite out of Apple’s new Apple TV, which allows viewing of anything in your iTunes directory, but doesn’t allow for downloading from your tv. You have to go over to your computer to purchase a movie/tv show from iTunes still.


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