UMPC Origami Experience

vistalogoWith the launch of Vista came the Origami Experience promised for the ultra-mobile pc, UMPC. I have to admit that I’ve always been facinated with smaller tech, and getting the most out of a portable device. Nearly every phone I have had over the past well as long as I’ve had a cell phone has had some sort of QWERTY type keyboard, and if there was something internet related it could do, I was doing it. Heck I remember listening to streaming radio over EDGE on my T-Mobile MDA while I was beta testing it.


Either way, these UMPC systems have sort of caught my eye. I’ve always been a fan of the OQO, but the price is quite a bit too much ($1500 for base model).

My friend Josh over at Intel has been using 2 of the Asus R2H’s for a while now, and he seems to really like them.

Today over at they have the Samsung Q1 for $749. This is the best deal I’ve ever seen on an UMPC, but the Asus comes with 20 gigs more HD space, 256 megs more ram, and a GPS for $150 more. I think the GPS alone is worth the extra.

Microsoft’s Origami Experience reminds me of Media Center, but this is geared for the small handheld device. I am this close to buying one. Any thoughts?

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