Online shoe wars

shoe warsZappos has become the go to site for online shoe shopping. They have almost every brand, and even have an upscale site setup for the expensive shoes of the world.

They have been forced to step up recently, as that Amazon has launched a shoe site,

The major difference you first notice is, free next day shipping on any purchase made on Endless, until the other day when Zappos fought back.

Zappos now has free overnight shipping on all items through the end of February now.

Endless has come back with an even better offer. Overnight shipping is now NEGATIVE $5. They pay YOU $5 for overnight shipping.

Both sites offer 110% price match, and 365 day return policy.

What’s next? This ongoing battle for the online shoe sales is getting out of control. Personally, I’ve taken advantage of it (and you should too), and purchased a new pair of shoes today from Zappos. I would of gone with Endless, but they don’t have the brand of shoe that I wear.


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