Flickr users up in arms

Last night, I got a ::insert sarcasm:: oh so friendly email from “The Flickreenos,” telling me that since I’m an “Old Skool Account-Holding Flickr Member” member of the Flickr community, that I now must move my account over to a Yahoo account.

I don’t know if you’ve ever read this blog before, but I tend to dispise Yahoo. Google is my preference when it comes to searching, email, calendar, docs, spreadsheets, notebooks, chat, video, start page, and more. I don’t use Yahoo one bit. Not for anything. Was I glad for the Flickr team when they got purchased by Yahoo, ehh not really. I don’t like Yahoo, never have.

I do love Flickr though. It’s awesome. I even created a successful website “empire” around Flickr, which I later sold for quite a large sum. I even PAY for the Flickr service. Flickr’s announcement also will involve limiting contacts to 3000 (to “improve system performance”), I have to start asking popular Flickr users, to not delete me? I thought Flickr was all about social networking!

There seems to be quite a large number of folks pissed about this. Thomas Hawk chronicles a number of the complainst posted on Flickr’s forums.

zooomrI will NOT be changing my account over to a Yahoo one anytime soon. The cut off is March 15th, and if there isn’t some sort of alternative offered, I will have to reconsider my personal choice in online photo hosting. I currently have an account on Zooomr, of which Thomas Hawk is the CEO. Looks like, I’m not going to be the only one moving my photos over there.


2 thoughts on “Flickr users up in arms

  1. what’s the big deal really?
    and who needs more than 3000 flickr contacts anyways?

    so do you hate apple now that the iphone is teaming up with yahoo too?

    it’s not like you need to use any yahoo service to continue using flickr. this just seems like a pretty silly stance to take. i love flickr and already had a yahoo account. no big deal at all.

  2. If zoomr gets a better uploader, I may consider dropping flickr. But for now, NO WAY

    Drew is right, I only use Yahoo, for the comics, and email to places I want to spam.

    Only Thomas hawk has over 3k in contacts. I told him he could drop me, since he has never left a comment on any of my photos.

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