Free T-Mobile without Vista

vistalogoSure, going out and paying $249 to upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate tomorrow gets you 3 free months of T-Mobile Hotspot service, but what if you could do it for free?

I don’t want to say too much, but if you ever thought about changing the “general.useragent.extra.firefox” in a browser other then IE to something that may or may not resemble this “Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)” and visit this page to sign up:, it may or may not work for ya.

Not that I would ever recommend you try such a thing πŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Free T-Mobile without Vista

  1. from firefox >
    tools >
    advanced preferences >

    youre looking to change the part under ‘value’

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