Vista 7 days away


Are you going to run to the store and pickup your copy of Vista? What version are you going to buy? Upgrade or full version?

Personally, I want Vista Ultimate Upgrade, mainly because of the Media Center items in it. The upgrade is $249, but I have 3 systems I want to install it on, that is $747 to upgrade all of the systems I use, wowzers.

vista box

Make sure you are eligible to upgrade to the version you want here, and find out the major differences between the editions over here. Any sysadmins going to upgrade the company to Vista on launch day? How about Office 2007 who is buying that?

Buy Vista on Amazon or at a local store near you on January 30th.


6 thoughts on “Vista 7 days away

  1. get a house first Nick because that Vista is ALL eye candy.

    No difference from XP other than shiny stuff trying to mimick other OSs.

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