Waiting on a Wii

I’m sitting outside of Circuit City 3rd in line for the Wii. There is an employee out here with his friend, who has said there is only 6 on hand in store. My friend should be here soon to take his place in line. More updates to come throughout the night.

  • The store opens up at 10AM, only 8 more hours to go.
  • It seems as if the $40 off coupon on Circuit City has been removed from their site and no longer works. There is a guy here who has a different type of $40 off coupon. Hopefully that one will work. It is 60 degrees here and everyone is in heavy coats and bundled with blankets.
  • No updates for a while, mainly because everyone has been sleeping. The 6th and final person (as far as we know got here around 5:30). We have told people to go to Best Buy (their ad says minimum 20 per store) 2 blocks away.
  • My old roomie just went for a McBreakfast run, so we will be having some food in a few minutes.
  • Vouchers will be handed out in 1 hour, and the store opens in 2.
  • GOT MY WII!!!!! (Someone in line had a $40 off coupon that was different then the Digg one, and it worked!) I purchased the Wii Classic Controller as well for some classic Nintendo games.
  • Wow what a day. I took the Wii over to my parents place and set it up. Played a round of each of the Wii Sport games, then fell asleep for the rest of the day (I’ve had about 6 hours sleep all weekend long).
  • My Wii code is:
    7631 1947 2526 5374 add me, and post your Wii friend code in the comments.

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