Upgrading to Vista (check your version first)

windows vistaDid you know that some versions of Vista won’t allow you to upgrade? The only version that can upgrade to ANY Vista package is XP Home. If you have Professional, Media Center, or Tablet Edition make sure to check the chart below to see what version you will need to buy on the 30th of this month.

The following table shows which versions of Windows XP are capable of in-place upgrades to which versions of Windows Vista:

Windows Vista Home Basic Windows Vista Home Premium Windows Vista Business Windows Vista Ultimate
Windows XP Professional No No Yes Yes
Windows XP Home Yes Yes Yes Yes
Windows XP Media Center Edition No Yes No Yes
Windows XP Tablet PC No No Yes Yes

Critical Note: Don’t boot the Windows Vista DVD to perform an in-place upgrade; it won’t work. You have to run the Setup program from within Windows XP.

Don’t fret if you purchased a copy of Vista that isn’t eligible for an upgrade with your current OS. You will have the option to upgrade the version you purchased to the correct version from the install screen, saving you from running to your local electronics store and explaining that even though your box is open, you didn’t install the OS.


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