Not getting dates? Blame your Blackberry

bboldAccording to this Forbes article, Is Your BlackBerry Ruining Your Sex Life?, the Blackberry is acatually keeping people from finding more time to be intimate with others around them. Many Blackberry users often feel their time is more managed and therefore can manage time for their loved onces, or even a social life.

According to this article, this just isn’t true.

“While wireless technology can keep you connected to the office, PDAs are less effective in helping busy executives schedule time for their personal lives, according to Fiona Travis, Ph.D., an Ohio-based psychologist and author of Should You Marry a Lawyer? A Couple’s Guide to Balancing Work, Love and Ambition. “Those who think that the PDA helps them find time are really fooling themselves; it is just another way of avoiding being intimate,” Travis says. This lack of intimacy is all too often the byproduct of our increasing thirst for instant gratification.”

iPHone side

I guess that’s why I haven’t been on a date in years, my cell phone is keeping me from being intimate. Question is, will the iPhone help me get more dates or have the same effect? I mean I have a Blackberry Pearl, but I never use the music/video function. If I was using that on my iPhone, I would have even less time in the day to interact with others around me. By that logic, if I get the iPhone I will be single for a long time to come.


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