The iPhone to cost $1349

iphone smallGood credit, bad credit, no problem!!! I’m sure you have heard that saying on car commercials, well over at Apple & Cingular it is a major problem.

Cingular charges between $0 and $750 deposit on a new account depending on your level of credit. You get this money back after 1 year of good payment history, but still that is a lot up front, PLUS the cost of the phone!

Let’s see:

8gig iPhone: $599
Largest deposit: $750
Grand total: $1349 + tax

Oh don’t forget the price of getting out of your current phone contract.

That is more then most MacBooks!!!!

Looks like the cost of entry for an iPhone for some has just gone through the roof.

iPHone side

Personally here are my thoughts on the device. I want one, BADLY!!! I just don’t want Cingular. I’m happy with T-Mobile and have been with them for years now. Both carriers are GSM, and with the U.S. Copyright Office putting into effect a ruling that allows cell phone users to unlock their phones, the iPhone will be able to be unlocked.

An unlocked iPhone would work on T-Mobile’s service, the question that I have is will the EDGE work? I know the Visual Voicemail won’t, but I’ve never unlocked a phone and put it on another network. Does that network’s wireless internet still work? If so, then buying an iPhone and unlocking it shouldn’t be a huge problem for T-Mobile and other GSM cell users around the world.

If it can work with T-Mobile, I will buy one. If I have to switch to Cingular, the decision will be slightly more difficult.

Oh, here’s a little P.S. for you. DON’T GO AND JOIN CINGULAR TODAY! They have a 18-24 month waiting period before you can “upgrade” your phone. If you are outside of that window you must pay FULL RETAIL PRICE. So, if you want one of these things and aren’t a Cingular customer, wait until June.

This is simply an editorial about the people who might have to pay this amount in order to get the iPhone, not my own experience.


33 thoughts on “The iPhone to cost $1349

  1. The industry buzz is that everyone will pay full retail as Apple is not allowing Cingular to subsidize the cost. Apple wishes to retain the “high-end” perception of their products.

  2. I used to work for Cingular and if you had a $750 deposit then your credit was completley shot. I think you need to change your priorities and focus on paying your existing bills. I worked for Cingular for almost two years and saw 4 people that had deposits that high. Apple is not trying to reach that market anyway. They want people with lots of disposable income.

  3. Yeah, I gotta say, if your credit is *so* bad that you are being charged a $750 deposit for service from Cingular, maybe instead of buying an iPhone, you should work on fixing the ol’ credit problem. Even when I was a college student with horrible credit, I never had to pay a deposit that high….

  4. If Cingular will not let me renew my contract early when the iPhone debuts, I will simply convert to a family plan and add a line. $10-20/month extra until the end of my existing contract will be well worth it!

  5. I mean seriously, talking about the credit problem is stupid. It’s like saying the iPhone is unaffordable for people without any money.

  6. Cingular isn’t so strict with their upgrade program as you let on. I’ve easily coaxed a rep. or two into allowing me to upgrade. Also, Cingular was my first phone carrier and they didn’t make me pay a security deposit… I guess I just get lucky.

  7. The $499 and $599 are retail. Apple will not let Cingular subsidize the cost of it. So if you want one it does not matter whether you have a contract you just buy the phone. If you are a new customer there is no reason to get a contract.

    This is the same reason you never see iPods on sale. Apple wants to maintain the exclusive pricing.

  8. This might be the single dumbest post about the iphone.  If you have bad credit you have to pay a deposit on ANY phone from ANY company. Not just Cingular and not just the iphone.  You know it’s true.  I said ANY in all caps which always makes anything true. I guess every thing that needed to be said about the iphone had already been said so you needed something original for your blog.  I’m glad to see that bloggers are not above old world sensationalism.

  9. Well like they say, having good credit… Priceless.

    Don’t forget to include all of the other costs you might incur, like the cost of a loan so you can afford to purchase the iPhone. Oh, that’s right you can’t get a loan because you have bad credit. Ok, the cost of a hospital visit when Sammy the loan shark breaks your legs. Or how about the cost of the utility company turning your electricity back on so that you can charge your iPhone. Or how about the cost of all the calls you make to tell your peeps that you have a new iPhone.

    Back to reality

  10. Oh darn!
    Just would thought of buying this Iphone until I saw Headlines about ridiculous contract from Cingular. I prefered different phone service becasue Cingular do not work in my local area. I hope Apple sees through its selfish greed and opens wider to audience.

  11. So, let me get this straight. If I pay $600.00 bucks for a phone, it better work with just about every service in the entire world; I better be able to use it any where in the world; I better be able to track my kids, my wife, and my darn dog for that matter. If any of these qualifications are not met, then the frekkin thing isn’t worth my $600.00. Call me cheap, call me stingy; I say I know better things to do with $600.00.

    Furthermore; I think we’re getting a little too caught up in this whole cell phone/music/internet game, and companies like Apple, Cingular, Verizon ect ect, are laughing while we squander trying to buy the next new toy. Puppets I say. We’re all just puppets.

  12. Hi, I’m Mexican and I want to buy the iphone, but I want it to use down here (in Mexico)… someone of you guys know if I buy this new toy in June when is coming out for sale, can I buy the mobile with out Cingular’s contract and just use this one with my SIM card down here ???… I know I’ll not have all the amazing services but still I want the iphone…. can someone help me to made my decision

    Thanks for your comments…those will be highly appreciate
    sorry for my english

    Luis R.

  13. Holla I’m Brazilian and I need to know what do I do to get on iPhone and how can I do to deposit in your account. I u could answer mw by e-mail I’ll be thankfull

  14. People with bad credit shouldn’t be buying an iPhone?
    All this talk about deposits is stupid?
    Just because something might not be applicable to you, doesn’t make it less of a reality. Believe me, it’s a real issue for many people. Wake up, and realize there are issues outside your realm of self-obsession.
    Seems to me it’s more of an issue than folks whining about having to sign a two-year contract with AT&T. I’m wondering how long these crybabies are planning on keeping their iPhone. Is your attention span too short, or your gear lust so powerful that you’re likely to dump the phone you just paid $600 for in less than two years?
    Now THAT would be stupid in my humble opinion.

  15. The deposit issue is silly. People don’t understand. There should never be a deposit that high required. I have freinds that work for VZW, ATT and Sprint and they all know ATT’s deposit is the worst in the industry.
    You pay less of a deposit for an appartment than a phone?! So what if your credit is bad, you won’t run up $750 worth of charges in 1 month, if you don’t pay they will cut you off. So how can this deposit be ok? The deposit should be at most 2 months of cell phone bill total!

  16. i think th 750 dolla deposit 4 bad credit doesnt rly mean u have bad credit. it just means that since you dont have an accout you automatically have no credit therefore making you pay the 750 bucks. and1340 bucks is insane. just sayin

  17. for those of you saying that the deposit is only for people with really bad credit and you’d have to pay a deposit anywhere, let me say you are wrong. last night i went onto the cingular site to set up service (not for an iphone though!) and was told i would have to pay a $500 deposit. i went to t-mobile and guess what, no deposit!

    i agree w/ the above poster, bob, i believe, who explained that the deposit requirement is silly and absurd. they are the ones locking you into a two year contract and getting guaranteed business out of you, and they can report you to credit bureaus and debt collectors if you don’t pay… in the end, they get theirs no matter what. but the individuals have no protection at all. a few years ago when i had cell phone service i moved to a new apt. and the phone didn’t work there, but i still had to pay a huge early termination fee, for example.

    please, don’t stick up for the cell phone companies, they are EVIL! i wouldn’t be getting one if it weren’t for my job…

  18. I was told that I had to leave a deposit of $750 to add aline to my existing ATT account and I already have an iPhone, I wanted another for the misses. In my case after 7 years of perfect credit, I took the leap of bootstrapping a business 4Q of last year and it took months before business was going great by Jan of 08. My credit went from being above 700 to being uber low in those months as I focused on building the business and using every dime I had to do so. Now I am doing great and will be caught up by Aug of this year with a generous surplus of reserve to boot. BTW – I still purchased the phone for my wife on V Day.


  19. 8gig iPhone: $599
    Largest deposit: $750
    Grand total: $1349 + tax

    Oh don’t forget the price of getting out of your current phone contract.

    That is more then most MacBooks!!!!

    English! Do you speak it?!

  20. well even if the deposit is 750 you can get it back and if u have good payment history it will also improve your credit..right?

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