Covering the Coverage: Macworld 2007

As is a bit of tradition around here, I will be bringing as many updates as I possibly can from the Steve Jobs Keynote. The site will go into a low-bandwidth mode to help make updating a faster process. So get your Cmd+R or F5 buttons ready. The keynote starts in about 1 hour.
Items appear newest to oldest.

  • thanks for joining us – the keynote is now over
  • Steve back on stage
  • Beginning another song – “waiting for the world to change”
  • Mayer still on stage, thanking steve for making life more fun
  • not a lot of traditions at apple, but one is that john mayer has helped at almost every macworld he is here to perform today
  • Now wrapping up here. Steve is saying thank you to everyone, and to the families of the employees.
  • Steve says he didn’t sleep a wink last night he was so excited. Today, Steve is saying, Apple has added a lot of devices that are non computer related, to reflect that the name is changing from Apple Computer Inc. to Apple Inc.
  • Quoting Wayne Gretzky: I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it’s been
  • Apple Inc is new name of company NOT Apple Computers
  • today we have added to the mac and the ipod not appletv and iphone
  • We come from different worlds and yet we have worked wonderfully together. We love these guys.” And then Steve’s “clicker” dies. And a lot of people backstage start scrambling. And cursing. And someone in the audience shouts: “BINGO!” Steve tells a story about his misspent youth with the Woz to pass the time as technicians see their pink slips dance before their eyes. 26 Million game consoles in 2006. 957 mobile phones in 2006. Goal: 1% of market share = 10 million iPhones in 2008. “Today we’ve added to the Mac, ipod, Apple TV and iPhone. The Mac is the only one you really think of as a computer”. So Apple is going to drop “Computer” from their name. Apple is now “Apple Inc.” Because they’re all grown up and a real company and it’s time to discard that childish “computer” thing anyway. “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been – Wayne Gretsky. This is all presumably part of the deal that they hammered out with Apple Music and the Beatles.
  • when i was in high school woz and i made a dvice called tv jammer woz would have in pocket he would mess it up and as soon as they would fix it he would switch it back
  • backstage scramble…
    uh oh…
    “clicker is not working”
    “how big it is”
  • cingular commercial is over – back to steve
  • Wow with all of this news, what the heck could be the ONE MORE THING?
  • Multi-year exclusive partnership on this
    This is not an MVNO says Cingular, it lets both companies do their own thing
    iPhone owners will be Cingular/ATT customers.

  • AT+T and Cingular having merged, Sigman feels wireless broadband + video will come together on one device with phone.
  • entered agreement without ever even seeing the device
  • Steve shared the vision with Cingular 2 years ago and they entered contract before ever seeing the phone.
  • CEO of Cingular Stan Sigman
  • They’ll sell in Apple Stores and Cingular stores
  • Europe by Cal4 this year
  • #1 in US with 58 million subscribers.
    Exclusive partner for US.
    Cingular helped with Visual Voicemail.
  • Partner in USA is Cingular.
  • announcing it today because they need FCC approval
  • 4GB model is $499 8GB model is $599 WITH 2 YEAR CONTRACT SHIPPING IN JUNE!
  • smartphones are around $199 – $299 – $399around $299 with 2 year contractthat’s expensive if you buy and ipod too…
  • $199 for 4 gig nano
  • what do they normally cost?
  • what should we price it at
  • precision enclosures, sensors, desktop-class apps, and widescreen interface
    miniaturization better than ever before
    multitouch screen – 1st
    pushing the state of the art in every facet
  • Battery life:
    5 hours of talk time, video, or browsing
    16 hours of audio playback
  • Incredibly small, he says – one button for answering/hanging up call. Turns on and off automatically, pairs automatically.
  • Accessories for iPhone
  • stereo headphones like iPod’s – including a microphone
  • plus a switch to let you switch phone call on or off
  • Bluetooth accessory headset
  • Now doing a comparison with blackberry, plam etc….its like looking at a black and white tv versus a high dev tv
  • Shows all competitors they look totally antiquated
  • talking through speakerphone the whole time
  • looking up in safari for movie now
  • works like iphoto
  • looking for hawaii photo – emails it to Phil while still on the phone with him
  • phil needs a photo – steve goes back to photos adds him to address book
  • Phil Schiller calling
  • listening to music – call comes in, music fades out
  • Now Steve is doing a demo showing how the music, phone, and internet capabilities can work altogether.
  • begging steve for iphone
  • big believers in iphone
  • take great form factors and great ui and take them to semless web experience
  • yahoo go – yahoo one search yahoo trying to reinvent mail, spam and protection on yahoo mail
  • yahoo go – yahoo one search

  • incredible devices – would love to partner with apple
  • can’t think about the internet without thinking of Yahoo too yahoo search built in, yahoo imap mail – Jerry Yang co-founder of Yahoo
  • Google, Yahoo are major partners.
  • congratulations to you for making this a reality
  • wimax is coming
  • pushed hard to partner with apple
  • makes odd comment about merger of Apple and Google being a great idea Not that it’s happening. if we merged – would it be applegoog
  • Dr. Eric Schmidt CEO of google now on stage
  • Google search built into phone too
  • Internet in your pocket.
  • Breakthrough internet communicator built right in to iPhone

  • Google maps on screen looks clean and simple Satellite and street map images on screen
  • Helps you find Starbucks nearby And presents telephone # He just prank called Starbucks! he pretended to order 4,000 lattes from starbucks across the street
  • on to widgets – stock, weather, etc
  • stock for apple up 2.43
  • No price yet, but this thing is going to be up there!
  • Interface is very clean, simple, with zoom feature.
  • Multiple browser windows?
  • “Unbelievable,” he says. And he’s right.
  • high-detail thanks to 160ppi screen
  • landscape mode and scrolling with finger, and zoom
  • Safari
  • Bookmarks
  • scales full page down to the screen
  • email with photos
  • email with ability to touch phone numbers to call
  • Paned email view
  • Real email just like you’re used to on a computer

  • Showing off Mail, Safari, Google Maps, and Widgets on iPhone.
  • Yahoo to provide free push imap email to all iPhone customers same as a blackberry
  • uses Wi-Fi or EDGE, switches automatically for you
  • Widgets Weather and stocks
  • Google Maps
  • Safari web browser First fully usable HTML browser on a phone
  • Rich HTML email on phone works with any iMAP or POP3 service
  • Internet features
  • There are more good ideas in one app here than in the entirety of most competing products.
  • Pinch gesture lets you Zooom!!!
  • use finger to swipe through photos landscape photos can be presented as you prefer
  • coolest photo management app on a phone ever, he says. Looks like iPod photo interface vaguely but faster
  • Third app is photos… there are 11 apps on screen
  • faster than plastic keyboards he says
  • keyboard does error prevention and correction, fast to type on
  • on screen keyboard interface
  • Text messages with MULTIPLE SESSIONS for multiple people at once
  • SMS texting
  • Press callback button to call anyone on the voicemail list
  • coverflow


  • One-touch conference calling
  • Interface lets you touch to bring back other caller
  • If you want to call – just push on screen

  • iphonere

  • WIFI and Bluetooth 2+EDR
  • We decided to go with most popular international standard
  • excellent audio quality, quadband GSM+EDGE you can skip to the voicemail you want – random access voicemail
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Use contacts like never before –
  • It’s amazing how hard it is to make calls on most phones
  • What’s the killer app. MAKING CALLS
  • You guys are going to be stunned by this
  • Best iPod we’ve ever made
  • We’ve just started with the iPod part… the other two parts are yet to come
  • Video on screen looks super high -res, switch between wide and fullscreen with a tap
  • Now showing the video player on the nice widescreen display. What’s nice about it is it kind of looks like a TV
  • easy toggle between playlists, artists, songs, volume, and more
  • iphoner
  • iphone
  • Landscape mode it switches into Coverflow
  • He is selecting the Beatles! Full-screen album art simple interface volume control
  • Updated version of iPod interfae – looks like a contact list. Scroll through list of artists with finger
  • People are going to go CRAZY when they see this
  • slide finger on screen to unlock phone
  • Interfac is amazing
    Cingular iPod portion Touch your music Widescreen video
  • Cover flow! First time ever on iPod
  • Accelerometer so you know when you switch from portrait to landscape
  • Ambient light sensor to adjust the screen automatically
  • Proximity sensor to figure out when you’re close so it can turn off touch sensor when it gets close to face!!
  • 2mp camera headset jack, sim card tray, and sleep/wake switch microphone and 30-pin iPod connector
  • back – aluminum
  • ring/silent and volume controls on side
  • thinner than any smartphone – 11.6mm, thinner than Q, blackjack
  • One button – the home button, integrated with microphone
  • 3.5″ screen Highest res screen – 160ppi
  • 8GB capacity
  • Will sync all media onto iPhone i including movies! Plus all data, email accounts, bookmarks, notes, photos
  • iPhone dock will sync to PC or Mac through iTunes
  • Apple will ship 100 millionth iPod this year
  • Apps, syncing, networking, multi-tasking, video, low power Will sync with iTunes
  • Breakthrough – at least 5 years ahead of what’s on any other phone RUNS OS X
  • Software on mobile phones is like baby software
  • This is the next big UI
  • The unit does Multi-touch – multiple presses at once The unit is a silver body and has a big black and gray face
  • Looks like a Sidekick with giant screen
  • On this phone, the interface changes for the app
  • Competitors all have keyboards
  • Smart, and easy to use.
  • Revolutionary UI.
  • Years of research and development.
  • Interplay of hardware and software.
  • He is not showing the device yet, going over how smartphones are not that smart.
  • Here it is: fake photo of iPod 1G with phone wheel
  • We are calling it iPhone!
  • The first one Widescreen iPod with Touch Controls ; 2nd Revolutionary mobile phone Breakthrough 3rd internet communications device
  • Today, we’re introducing three revolutionary products.
  • Longest dramatic pause Steve has ever given
  • A revolutionary product… that changes everything . 1984 invented Macintosh
  • Steve said he has been waiting this day for 2 and a half years!!
  • Shipping in February. Taking orders starting today
  • Price $299, Mac + PC.
  • Movies, TV shows, Music, Photos. All on your widescreen TV.
  • Phil Schiller is brought on stage for a demo of Apple TV’s ability to stream from more than one source.
  • Showing how photos work on Apple TV
  • iTunes Top Music and Music Videos both in the list of songs. There’s also a shuffle songs feature at top. Beautiful music on screen now playing window
  • So you can pick which episode you want from a simple menu while seeing description on left side.
  • Apple TV display has episode summary text on screen, plus episode navigation.
  • STREAMS HD content
  • iTunes Top Movies also accessible via Apple TV. Steve apologized earlier for calling it iTV, which he keeps doing.
  • appletv
  • Screensaver is based on your photos – uses 3D effects in high-def Main menu looks just like it did at September’s event
  • You can stream content from 5 machines, or auto-sync from one computer. You can set up an apple tv from iTunes to automatically push them to Apple TV. You can stream from up to 5 machines.
  • Enjoy your media on your big screen TV You can buy great content on iTS. usb2, ethernet, wi netowrking, HDMI 40gb hd 50h of video 802.11 b g and n intel processor
  • APPLE TV that’s the new name
  • Apple went up from 62% to much higher in December. No matter how they try to spin this… what can you say?
  • New iPod ad colored silhouettes on black BG all dancing with 5G iPods
  • many others – 250 movies now available on iTunes
    Even more when other studios throw in.
    We had a very strong lineup of music players for the holiday season.
  • New competitor: Zune. How’d they do Their launch month: 2%
  • All six Star Trek movies,
  • First four months of selling movies, 1.3 million sold Today, we have a new partner: Paramount
  • 50 million TV shows sold through iTunes
  • Last time we were fifth-largest reseller of music in the US Today, they’ve passed Amazon and are now #4.
  • selling over 5 million songs a day
  • iTunes sales are really up this past year, took us over three years to get to a billion songs, second billion in 10 months
  • 2.0 billion songs sold and downloaded
  • We’ve got the iPod… iPod nanos… and the amazing new iPod shuffle… It is the world’s most popular video player by a large margin
  • We’re moving on to some other things – no more discussion of Mac!
  • New Mac vs PC ad for Vista
  • Our retail stores have for a while have been selling half their Macs to switchers
  • and most of all our users. The minute you saw these lightning fast machines, you bought them
  • Our new colleagues at Intel helped us a lot…
  • It’s been the smoothest andmost successful transition we’ve ever seen in thehistory of our industry
  • James Brown is playing now
  • Please turn off all cell phones
  • Apple’s standard tracks are playing: Gnarls Barkley, Coldplay, Gorillaz.
  • live shot1

  • Someone just pointed out that Steve Jobs brought his family to the keynote
  • The crowd is cheering, people are starting to enter the theatre.
  • 5 minutes to go, the room is buzzing with anticipation, and LOTS of people are still waiting to take their seats
  • 15 minutes to go, Intel CEO Paul Otellini spotted in attendanc
  • Apple Store is down
  • Blogger and Twitter are both down right now. Sort of strange.
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