Bill Gates Keynote

Blogging updates in real time as the keynote is broadcast. 


ShadowCopy- “Better then going back in time”

Vista can search across all your Vista PC’s.

Xbox 360 controller can be plugged into any Vista PC and works with Live Maps and travel around in a 3D world.

Media Center – SportsLounge (partnership with Microsoft and Fox Sports). Live HD game feeds with real time alerts about other games, players, teams, etc. Tracks Fantasy teams as well.

Media Center – Content partnership (Showtime and Starz’s Vongo service) for On-Demand services integrated.

Photo Gallery in Vistafor editing all of your pictures aka iPhoto combined with iDVD dvd burning feature.

Vista Ultimate – New Features called Ultimate Extras constantly downloading as they arrive. Program called GroupShot will all you to easily compile multiple pictures into one, FREAKING AWESOME FEATURE.

Ultimate Extra, DreamSceme – Full motion desktop including video as your desktop

22 days till Vista

Can he say “uhh” any more times? I think I counted 14 in 3 minutes.

Windows Home Server (developed with HP) – This portion of the keynote was blocked to “respect the intellectual property being demonstrated on-stage.”

Comes out in 2nd half of year “HP Media SmartServer”

Automated backup

Connectivity (remote and local to every computer, zune, xbox)

Expandable and auto uses new drives, up to terabytes.

Other companies are developing devices for this software driven offering.

Entertainment Devices

Connected Experiences is critical to this keynote

Content is king and community is critical. Combination of these items is what they are driving toward.

URGE is a great service and they think it will continue to grow.

Zune was introduced in 2006. They are #2 player already. Zune only going to get better. “Deeply committed to being successful” and the leader in this community.

Mobile Phones – It’s about IM, music, movies, and connected entertainment on the go. “Windows Mobile outsells Blackberry in the market.”

Gaming on Windows – “PC & Windows is #1 gaming platform in the world.” 200 million gamers. It’s about all types of gamers (casual and hardcore). Gaming on Vista is going to be an improved experience. Looks like Halo 2 will be out on the PC (if it isn’t already I’m not sure about this one).

Xbox 360 – The leader in Next-Gen of gaming. 10.4 Million units sold. Gears of War is setting pace. 2.7 million copies sold. They are calling it a Halo type game in terms of it’s impact on Xbox sales. 1 title will be the title of 2007, Halo 3.

Xbox Live – Largest social network on the tv (are there any others?), over 5 million members. Live experience is going to be on WINDOWS VISTA! Join in games from your PC right through Xbox Live on your PC with the Xbox 360 controller. Wow that is pretty sweet. (Wait why do you need an Xbox 360 if you can run it through your computer?) This rolls out this SUMMER.

TV & Movies – HD is the big thing. 4 ways to get HD movies with Microsoft. 1) HD-DVD player for 360. HD-DVD is outselling Blueray in terms of DVD sales. 2) Media Center. 80% of PC’s sold this holiday season were Media Center pc’s. Media Center Extender on 360 connects and works. 3) Xbox Live Video – introduced in November. Over 1000 hours of video. Adding Lionsgate to content providers. TV content available from tons of networks. 4) IPTV aka Carbon aka Microsoft TV- 5 Providers and will continue to grow. Instant channel zapping. PIP that shows what is running on the next channel before you even switch. IPTV is running on the Xbox 360. You can even talk with friends while watching tv through the 360 headset. Avail Holiday 2007.

Car Experiences

Commands must be simple. Over 1 1/2 hours per day spent in a car on average. Ford is a partner that is helping advance car features.

Sync – Fully integrated to all devices. Ford exclusive. (does Zune and iPod). Full capability of bluetooth phone. Even does ringtones through the car’s audio system, and txt messages. Maintain a call while exiting and entering a vehicle. TXT message is read outloud. Full entertainment platform. Even accepts flash and zip drives. Create personalized playlists with a simple voice command. Rolling out quickly and affordably. 12 products this year will include it.

The Future

Microsoft Home of the Future

Your phone will tell you about nearby items based on where you are, and even give you coupons right on your phone. See who is at your home when the doorbell rings. Send a digital signature to accept a package when you aren’t even home from the phone.

The Kitchen – Screen technology projecting onto walls and surfaces. WOW this is freaking awesome. It uses RFID to recognize what products are even on the counter and gives you menu options. All works off of voice.

Bedroom – Wallpaper will be digital. Even have album art of the music you are playing. Wow, this stuff is awesome.

Not much on the Zune at all, but still the stuff about the future was amazing.


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