.Mac upgrade to 30 gigs?

Apple .Mac 4.0 Online ServiceFound this video floating around YouTube of a .Mac drive showing 30 gigs in XP through Parallels, but not in OS X. My .Mac account is about to expire, but it is still active. I decided to check for myself.

In my test, I showed 1 gig of space on my iDisk under OS X and 15 gigs under Windows. I’ve never used my iDisk for anything, so all of the space used up is items Apple puts in there like widgets, garageband files, etc.


The question I have, is this how it’s always been, or is Apple planning an upgrade to .Mac, especially that iLife is so tied into .Mac? The size of podcasts alone can easily cannibalize your entire iDisk pretty quickly. What if Time Machine or iTV are meant to tie into .Mac as well? That would seem like a good reason to boost the storage space on .Mac.

Maybe I should renew my membership. (You can do so through Amazon for only $79).


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