Zune Marketplace Expired

I forgot to renew my Zune Marketplace membership when it expired over the holiday’s. I can’t access any of my Zune songs I downloaded on my laptop, but my Zune is going strong. I haven’t sync’d the Zune since it expired in an attempt to see how long it can go, and what sort of message I get.
How long does it take till the Zune stops playing the Marketplace music? What if it never stops playing it? Hmmm…


2 thoughts on “Zune Marketplace Expired

  1. I did the same thing if it was a trial you get 30 days. but for some reason on my zune it worked for 32.

    Your likely about to run out.

  2. I had the same thing, It worked for 2 more weeks after the expiration date of the 14 day trial. Then right before I went on vacation I connected my zune to move some podcasts to it and it sync’d and the songs automatically expired. I will test this again and get a one month substiption and load the zune full with DRM songs and see how long it will go after the one month exipation date. I do not see how the zune checks the time when it is not connected to anything…… Is there anyone else out there who has tested this? I also want to see if I can remove the zune sofware from one of my systems and see it i can just move files from my PC to the Zune using the “USB Storage option/ Registry change” without touching a date sync…….

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