Google Reader Trends


Now this feature is pretty sweet, and something that Bloglines certainly doesn’t have. You can see detailed stats about how many feeds & items you have read over any period of time. It also shows how many you have shared through your link blog.

The main problem I have with trying to switch to Google Reader is that I’ve got 100’s of thousands of unread items. If there was a way to clear out my entire queue of items, and start fresh with all my feeds, I would try it out. Hey Matt, can you get someone over there to mark all items read in the NickStarr@gmail account? Every time I try I get “Oops…an error occurred. Please try again in a few seconds.”

I could go through feed by feed and do it, but that would take forever.

Either way, check out Google Reader and the new Trends pages.

P.S. The trend graph is Matt Cutt‘s not mine.  


3 thoughts on “Google Reader Trends

  1. Hi Nick,

    It turns out you discovered an edge case in our code, which we’ve now fixed. As you instructed, I went ahead and performed the “mark all read” on your account as of 4:12pm on 1/4/07, the time of your post. You shouldn’t have any more problems with this, but if you do, feel free to email me.

    I hope you’re willing to give Google Reader another chance. We’d love to have you as a user!

    Justin Haugh
    Google Reader Engineer

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