Well Drew over at The Dawn and Drew Show has tagged me for this little meme tag game that has been going around the web. You are supposed to say 5 things that almost no one knows about you, and tag 5 other people. So here it goes:

1. I was born Nicholas R. Starr, but later adopted and Starr became a second middle name.

2.  As much as I love the weather in Florida, I would rather move to the west coast (Portland, SF, or Seattle).

3. I was a band geek in middle school up until I got my first girlfriend in high school.

4. I like a LOT of pepper on everything that I eat, like I take the cap off of the bottle and pour it on.
5. I will leave this last one a bit vague, but ask me about the “Chef Story” next time you see me.

Well that was a bit more difficult then I imagined. Let’s see who to tag???

Perez Hilton, Larry Larsen, Adam Weeks, Cesar Menendez, and Raven Riley.


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