YouTubesday: Apple ads over the years

Earlier today I posted a new Zune Ad, and I figured that today’s YouTubesday post should be some of the great Apple ads over the years.

Let’s start at the beginning, the ad that started it all, Apple’s 1984 ad:

That ad aired only one time, yet is still one of the most revered ads in television history.

Simply because I don’t like to post more than 4-5 videos, I will skip ahead in time. Apple started their Think Different campaign ads, with Richard Dreyfuss providing the voice over. This is one of many times Apple would use celebrities for voice work in ads.

Continuing with the Think Different ads, (I’ve always hated that slogan, because that it isn’t grammatically correct) Apple decided to show off the iMac with Jeff Goldblum at the wheel descirbing different features and other such things you don’t really think about when it comes to a computer.

Next comes the Switch ads, these became one of the first major Apple ads that people would imitate. There are hundreds of clips out there of people with the “switch” music in the background griping about whatever they felt like. Apple’s ads included one that never aired. It was Ellen Feiss, and she seemed a bit out of it. Some say Nyquil, some say she was stoned. We may never find out. Below is the lost ad, but you can also watch the ad that made it to air here.

Now simply because there isn’t much time left, the last 2 major ads we are going to cover at the iPod ads, and the Get a Mac ads. You’ve seen many posts on here about the Get a Mac ads, so I won’t bore you with repeating those.

The first iPod ad was nothing like you see now. It was long before the silhouette ads that became synonymous with the iPod. It was a guy grooving to his music on the computer, then walking out of his apartment with the music on his new Apple iPod. It wasn’t cutting edge stuff, but it got the message across.

As a special bonus, I’ve included one last Apple ad. Yet another one with a celebrity voice over, Kiefer Sutherland.  This ad debuted last year at MacWorld,  and even though it was  inspired by a music video, it is still one of my favorite Apple ads.


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