I'm all a Twitter

twitterAfter hearing about Twitter from a few people (Thomas Hawk and Robert Scoble), I decided to try it out myself. It at first made no sense to me at all, now I feel like I’m hooked.

It reminds me when I was in high school, that everyone would post messages in their away message for others to read about what you were doing right then and there. Heck I would have entire conversations with friends through away messages.
That’s pretty much Twitter without the IM client. You can add friends and see what they are twittering on about. Your friends twitter is delivered to you via txt message, IM, RSS, or email. I am subscribed to the RSS feed, but also get a Gtalk IM whenever one of my friends posts a message.

I found a cool Wiki that has a bunch of tools for anything from Vista to OS X Widgets, and even a WordPress plugin that posts to Twitter every time I am working on my blog. Where is the Google Sidebar add-in?

Feel free to add me as a friend on Twitter, and I will do the same.



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