2006 Remembered

2006It’s been a long year, and my first complete year using WordPress as my blogging platform. I used Radio Userland up until June of 05. Let me see if I can do a year end wrap up highlighting some of the most interesting posts.

January: The movie Hostel came out, and made a bunch of people sick. I bought a Nokia 770 Internet tablet, and took it with me as I waited in line at Chick-Fil-A overnight. Even had it at the Gasparilla Pirate parade here in Tampa. Oh and how can I forget all of the work done to FlickrLicio.us Mobile to improve it.

February: For such a short month a ton happened. Dawn and Drew launched their Minion Army. There were some great Superbowl ads this year. I got to use and own the Fury 2.1 Multimedia Speakers for the iPod. Gmail got Gtalk butil inside, but it took a little while for me to get it. I tried different RSS readers, and am still using Bloglines today. StevieJ came out with a 1 gig nano and I instantly purchased it. One of my favorite shows, Arrested Development was canceled. Homestar Runner became a podcast. FlickrLicio.us became a photocast stream. I even got my first car that I would finance. Finally Apple came out with some Fun New Products while I was in San Francisco.

March: After being alone on Valentines Day, I unsuccessfully tried out eHarmony. My Oscar-Gate post got linked to by many including Roger Ebert. Google thought the right thing to do was buy Writely, which is now Google Docs. I made the switch to the best phone line I’ve ever used, after being a die hard Sidekick 2 user; the Blackberry 7290 is my first of many. While I was debating Dell vs Apple, Dell was off buying Alienware, and Sprint gave me an a920 for 6 months. Finally, FlickrLicio.us was permanently blocked from Flickr.

April: I became Front Page news on the St. Pete Times with a HUGE article covering my gadgetry and TV watching habits. Hell froze over, when Apple announced Boot Camp, which of course I installed installed. After Flickr screwed me over, I debated renewing my Pro account, while getting a YouTube Director account. Not long after switching to Blackberry, they came out with the 8700g, and you know me I bought it that day. I tried my hand at making some extra Moola. I got some Google gum (yuck) and created Google Calendar Button with Adam.

May: Napster allowed 5 free streams of all of their music. Dave Winer asked us to share our OPML, of which I am still in the top 15 most prolific. Google Notebook changed the way I use the web. Skype declared they would be free for the rest of the year. Apple released the MacBook, and I bought a white one. Finally someone sent me a $600 gift card. Thanks again!

June: I picked up a DS Lite more then 10 days before they were launched. Tried out a few online backups that weren’t always what they claimed to be. Spent part of my $600 on my favorite iPod accessory, the Harmon Kardon Drive+Play. Google launched Spreadsheets. I got a great 10 megapixel digital camera, while I posted about Google becoming the new .Mac. FlickrLicio.us sold during this month, and a few other eBay items. I made the switch to Camino, but am now on Firefox. Sidekick 3 came out after a long wait. Oh, and we proved that .99999…=1.

July: I was given a 2 week notice from my job, and found another one to start the Monday after I left my current position, while Amanda Cogndon left her job at Rocketboom. Started the podcast, More Meat Than Tuna, which due to living situations ended shortly after it’s launch (Episode 1, 2, 3, and 4 were released this month). Zooomr became free for bloggers. Apple released the bluetooth Mighty Mouse, so I bought one and took pictures. I debated the Sidekick 3 vs BB8700, bought the SK3, then later returned it.

August: I changed the look of the site to what it is now. WWDC left us with the hope of owning our own Time Machine. Sony MyLo became the next would-be flop from the once great portable gadget company. Tampa became one of the worst cities to live in if you are single, but manages to avoid Ernesto. Everyone and their brother tested out Windows Live Writer. Episode 5a and 6a would be the final 2 episodes of More Meat Than Tuna.

September: Yet another long month, I became homeless, just 11 days before my 26th birthday. Spent 1 hour with the Blackberry Pearl, then later bought myself one. ThoughtOut released the MagStay, one of my favorite small gadgets of the year. Apple launched a bunch of stuff: 24″ iMac, 5.5G iPods, new nanos, new shuffle, and iTunes 7, I bought the 5.5G 80 gig iPod. At the end of the month, I went to the Portable Media Expo for the 2nd year.

October: T-Mobile launched MyFaves (unlimited calling for up to 5 people). I review the expo, and can’t wait for next year’s. My MacBook died from running the beta of Leopard. Google bought YouTube for an ungodly amount of money. While I was having problems with Bloglines new AJAX upgrades, Apple started selling AIDS iPods just bofore the iPod’s 5th birthday. T-Mobile started launching Hotspot@Home. I wasn’t that happy with the Bose IE Triport earbuds, and Apple launched Core2Duo MacBook Pro’s.

November: iPod shuffles started arriving, and turned out to be one of the best sellers for Apple this holiday season. I started a YouTubesday weekly post of a theme’d YouTube post. Sold my MacBook and Cinema Display for my MacBook Pro Core2Duo. Microsoft launched the Zune this month. Finally, I waited a really long time in line for some great Black Friday deals.

December: Cingular started selling the Blackberry Pearl. Parallels get a major updated. I mock the Zune in it’s attempt to sell 1 million by June, and get called out on it, thus starting the Zune fund where I raise 1/2 the month for a new Zune provided I use it exclusively for 1 month, launching ZuneStarr.com in the process. MacHeist sells 10 programs and makes a ton of money for charity. Skype after giving nearly 6 months free, says it’s time to pay up. I went on vacation to Ohio to see some family. Saddam is hung, Tubular launches it’s YouTube client, and finally I become Time’s Person Of The Year.

Here are some stats about all the posts in 2006, courtesy of some SQL code via Alex King.

  • Number of posts in 2006: 864
  • Number of comments in 2006: 1161
  • Average length of each post in 2006: 1191 characters
  • Total characters typed in 2006: 1,026,918

Looking back in writing this post, it’s been a great year for the most part. I’m still sleeping in my car, but everything else seems to be going well in my life. I wish you and your loved ones a great 2007, I know I am looking forward to it.


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