Are you REALLY addicted to your Crackberry?

I have to admit when I saw this on the HowardForums, that I agree with a few of these. Here are just a few:

  • When you don’t remember the last time where you didn’t take it to the bathroom with you.
  • You have asked at least one random chick you saw with a Berry for her PIN, not her phone number…in the last week.
  • You see a hot chick with a Treo and think “Nuts! If only she could have had a Berry. Such a great body, but just not my type.”
  • You don’t even remember what your favorite TV show is or I should say was.
  • You look disdainfully at anyone who has a flip phone and silently say to yourself “Amateurs.” +2 if it wasn’t silently.
  • You open your cell bill and actually think it’s reasonable.
  • 50-100 text messages, 20 PINs, and 10 emails a day; ONE phone call–if that.
  • You open a friend’s phone–yes OPEN it–and it freaks you out.
  • You have chargers strategically positioned at work, by your bed, by your TV, and one backup in your pocket or backpack and one in your car.
  • You know you’re addicted when you scoff at the Pearl for being too “commercial”, and try to dissuade others to not get one as they are not worthy enough.
  • You’d rather shop online w/ your BB than your computer sitting 5 steps away.
  • You expect your home computer to automatically convert “BB” to “BlackBerry” like your auto text does.

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