Parallels build 3106 Beta 3

Parallels has updated their software right before the new year for everyone to enjoy. Not as many improvements in this update then beta 1 and 2, but still worth the upgrade.
Coherence now handles “round” windows like Windows Media Player or Winamp correctly.

* Fullscreen and Coherence mode on secondary monitor fixed.

* Guest pixel size calculation was fixed – applications like MS Access or MS PowerPoint should handle graphs correctly.

* Guest Linux screen resolutions in 24 bit mode fixed.

* Possiblity to switch off Command+ZXCV mapping or swap Control and Command keys introduced (the feature was requested by a number of beta-testers)

* Several USB 2.0 fixes – more bulk devices to work since now. The work on web cameras and other isochronous devices is still in progress.

* And many others…

Download it here, or via my mirror (Parallels site gets quite bogged down during new releases)

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