Geek vs Nerd vs Dork

Well I’ve known for a while that the three terms don’t mean the same thing, but here is a chart to help you figure out which one you. I am happy to say that I fall in the geek category.



2 thoughts on “Geek vs Nerd vs Dork

  1. What about that Earthlink commercial: “A geek gets it done, and a nerd doesn’t.”

    I just mention it because it’s a load of shit.

    In terms of dealing with the opposite sex, it’s like this, a geek is probably pretty normal but has a few things they get super-excited about and hope that the girl will like them anyway. The nerd is a misfit who can only date other nerds. The dork is clueless, and could even be attractive, but would not recognize a come-on if it smacked them in the face like a moist pink vagina.

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