What did you get?

Clubhouse GamesAnything exciting for Christmas? I got only 1 tech item, a new game I’ve been wanting for my DS Lite, and my dad, and brother played it for quite some time last night.

Other then that I got a bunch of bowling items, including a new ball and shoes. I received tickets to Spamalot when it opens here in Tampa with my brothers as well. I did order an Invisible Shield for my Zune to protect the screen from scratches, and am going to re-new the Zune Marketplace account.

I know a few people got Blackberry Pearls for Christmas, make sure to read my post about using it as a bluetooth modem.

3for2Also, don’t forget to check out iTunes has a 3 for 2 special on select music videos right now, a perfect way to help fill up that new iPod you might of gotten. Some of the sets are even cheaper then regular, I just got 6 music videos for $5.98.


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