Happy Festivus

Today is Festivus, and anyone who is a fan of Seinfeld knows what I am talking about. The funny part is that there is more to this made up holiday that you might not know.

The Boston Globe has a piece about the holiday of Festivus, the holiday-alternative first mentioned on an episode of Seinfeld in 1997. Show writer Daniel O’Keefe’s family celebrated it in his home when he was a kid, and he still celebrates it today. But he’s not the only one. More and more fans of the show are holding Festivus celebrations every year. O’Keefe wrote a book about it, as did Allen Salkin, and the name has become not just a pop culture craze but a real, solid holiday like any other. OK, maybe not like any other, but it’s something that people are really starting to celebrate. (I can sense morons like Bill O’Reilly and John Gibson cringing – Festivus is just another war on Christmas!) (TV Squad)


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