New Apple Ad: Goodwill

Apple has posted a new Get a Mac ad, Goodwill. The Mac and PC decide to put aside their differences for the holiday season and wind up hugging. I don’t really see how this helps Apple, being the PC goes off saying that Apple’s don’t do anything meaningful, but oh well.

Happy holidays to all the PC and Mac users out there. Now I’m going to go see how many days are left till Christmas with my widgets.

2 thoughts on “New Apple Ad: Goodwill

  1. Nick, you don’t know how this “helps” Apple? Allow me to break it down for you.

    The message is that Macs are for fun: “home movies and blogs”, PCs are for “important” (read: business/boring) stuff. The message may not be very direct, but they are following through on an established theme: “PC at work, Mac at home” and “Why not have one of each?”

    And of course, there’s the “system error” dig, calling out Windows for their bugginess.

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