Zune "The Social"

zunewirelessWell this past weekend, I joined “the social” officially by sending and receiving songs from two separate people. There was a guy on my flight from Tampa to Atlanta that had a Zune and was sitting right across the isle from me in business class. He said he got it as a birthday present just 2 days prior.

I didn’t see that he had the Zune till we were in the air, but in reckless fashion we both enabled the wireless mode mid-flight and sent a song to each other. I was watching a movie when his came through, and a little popup on the screen asks if I want to accept. I do, and the transfer takes place. 1 song approximately 10-15 seconds. He sent me I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith off the Armageddon soundtrack. I sent him Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy.

After it was over, I listened to the song once, and went back to my movie. I haven’t listened to the song since. It would of been cool to be able to browse his library and request a song from him. That would be a neat feature.

After I got off the plane, there was a guy sitting right there with a Zune which he had just purchased the previous day. He hadn’t tried the wireless out yet, so he sent me Peaches En Regalia by Frank Zappa (which I still haven’t listened to). I sent him a 30 minute podcast. It took a little longer to send the podcast, but it made it over.

The podcast, which was 100% free, featured the same 3 day 3 plays DRM. I understand Microsoft’s need to do this, otherwise the Zune would become the next Napster (when it was illegal).

I tried to send a movie, that didn’t work. Pictures can be sent as well, but I didn’t think to try that.

Only one other Zune encounter on my trip, and I kept hitting the search for nearby Zunes. I found one, but it must of been someone walking past me, because when I tried to send it a song it was gone.
I will say that the Zune makes a great (better then the iPod) device for watching tv shows and movies on a plane.


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