YouTubesday: SNL Digital Shorts

The big television stations are getting involved with YouTube as well by putting content of their shows up for anyone to watch. They don’t put entire episodes up, but often the best parts are available. Many times users of YouTube will post scenes that they have captured from copyrighted shows. While this does often break the copyright of the owner, it is primarily what has lead to YouTube’s success.

The largest reason YouTube grew in popularity all started with a SNL Digital Short in the first episode of the season. It was later removed from YouTube, but can be found popping up occasionally. Here’s Lazy Sunday:

The second major SNL Digital Short involved that week’s guest. Here is a rap from Natalie Portman that no one saw coming, Natalie Portman Gangsta Rap.

There have been other SNL Digital Shorts, but in this week’s episode of SNL, Justin Timberlake hosted the show, and produced this SNL Digital Short, A Special Christmas Box. (warning lyrics may not be SFW)


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