Un-welcome to the Social

I open the box of my brand new Zune, of which they took on an Apple-like strategy by making the unboxing seem cool, and the first thing I see after I lift the top is, “Welcome to the Social.”

I grab my Zune, turn it on, and try to find this social feature. It is no where to be found. Wait? I thought I was instantly in “the social.” What happened?

Zune Unboxing 007I IM a friend who has a Zune and he says I have to hook it up to a PC first. WHAT? The box already welcomed me to “the social,” why am I only a member once I plug it into the PC?

I’m working on more as I start to use the Zune. I’m downloading a bunch of cd’s right now to put on my Zune with the 14 day free Zune Pass.

Boy oh boy, have I got a few tales about this thing coming up.


2 thoughts on “Un-welcome to the Social

  1. C’mon, it is already clear you are not going to be unbiased as you claimed. “Welcome to the Social” writing on the box does not seem out of line line or misleading at all. It’s a slogan, that’s all.

    For the record, I am an Ipod guy, but was really hoping for an open minded look at the Zune. It is becoming obvious that you won’t be capable of that.

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