I'm trying here

I installed the Zune software on a pc I use daily, I plugged in the Zune today, tried to download music. It has crashed 4 times. The Zune software seems to be using about 200,000k in ram, so I am going to try a fresh install on my MBP and start from scratch.

I’m really trying to use this and get a feel for it, but it seems there are road blocks everywhere I turn. When it does crash, all the music I attempted to download is gone from the download queue.

28Let me say some cool things I like about it so far. The screen is great. It’s only .5 inches larger then the iPod and already I don’t want to watch any video on my iPod anymore. It comes pre-loaded with a bunch of music, videos, pictures. The only band I had heard of was 30 Seconds to Mars, and they included their awesome The Kill music video. I’m guessing that for the $1 going to Universal on each Zune sold, it is to cover the media included on the Zune.

The bad thing is I think I accidentally deleted all of it when i tried to sync it earlier. I am hoping with this fresh install it should all come back.

Zune Unboxing 010Here is the Flickr unboxing set. The ear buds magnetize together which is a nifty feature. I remember Sam Levin showing me a pair of Griffin EarThumps that did that at last year’s Portable Media Expo.

It is a quite the adjustment going from the iPod to the Zune. The biggest thing I keep doing is trying to spin the wheel on the Zune.

More updates once I get the software up and running.


2 thoughts on “I'm trying here

  1. Nick,

    Do you suppose, that if the next iPods have larger screens and a “social” feature, for the same price, the Zune will die on the vine?

    It’s only .5 inches larger then the iPod and already I don’t want to watch any video on my iPod anymore.

    I thought you were giving up the iPod anyway? Are you saying the Zune trumps on the merits?

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