What would you ask the Zune Product Manager?

whitezuneI have the rare opportunity to have questions answered by the Zune Product manager over at Microsoft on Friday. I’m trying to compile a list of questions, and want to know what you want to know as well.

I’m sure that he can’t reveal any NDA information, but any current issues of future development ideas you might have will certainly be forwarded along.

So feel free to leave comments with your questions.

My list so far:

  1. Will the WiFi ever become more usable in a sense that web browsing, web conference viewing, podcast downloading, or even song purchases can be made right from the Zune itself?
  2. Is podcasting is going to be built into the Zune Marketplace? ETA?
  3. Any plans for car integration, either at the manufacture level or 3rd party (IE Harmen/Karden Drive+Play for iPod)?
  4. Support for Plays-For-Sure purchases coming?
  5. Larger capacity models and even more in the way of color selection?
  6. Vista integration, will it be just like XP or can we expect anything new?
  7. From Jason (Editor at Gizmodo): When’s the next feature update of any kind coming?
  8. Can you fix the album art, it looks all stretched?
  9. What do you tell someone that is interested in switching from iPod but has +1,000 songs that can only be played on iPod?

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