Give Flickr for the holidays

flickagiftMy favorite photo hosting/sharing site is making it easy to give the gift of Flickr to someone else this holiday season.

The best part is that Flickr is even better then ever. Pro accounts no longer have a 2 gig upload cap, it’s UNLIMITED! Free accounts are up to 100megs per month, 5X where they were.

Flickr runs $24.95/year, and if I could only get my mom to switch from Shutterfly, I would totally buy her a Flickr subscription. You can either print out a special holiday card with their gift code on it, or have it emailed.
Give your loved one a Pro account today.

Update: Thomas Hawk does bring out a few good points. Zooomr has been allowing unlimited uploads for a while now. They also offer a FREE pro account to bloggers.

The upload file size limit on Flickr is 10 megs, thus making high end photographers shrink the size and quality of their photos, Zooomr doesn’t.

The free account may have been upgraded to 100 megs per month, but you can still only see the most recent 200. If you have a high end need for photo hosting/sharing, and like free, start a free blog and start using Zooomr.

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