1 year unlimited calling: $14.95

spykecheapSkype is offering 1 year of unlimited calling for only $14.95. This will allow you to dial any phone number in the US or Canada. The prices jumps to double after January 31, 2007. International rates are only 2.1 cents/minute.
You also get Over $50 in coupons to get a Motorola headset, Netgear WiFi phone, and a Polycom speakerphone. This is great for anyone who has been thinking about trying a VOIP company yet hasn’t decided yet. At the price of less then nearly every traditional VOIP company’s monthly rate, this is a great deal for the WHOLE YEAR.

There are many WiFi and other Skype accessories that allow you to make completely free calls without even the need for your computer any longer.

If I used more minutes on my phone, this would certainly be a great deal, but the MyFaves plan works out pretty well for me on T-Mobile for now.


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