Zune fund goal reached

xunrtWell the goal has been met, now it’s time for me to chip in my $125 to purchase the Zune. Ordering today from Amazon for $229 with free shipping and no tax. I have Amazon Prime shipping so it should be here within the next day or two.

I plan on scouring Tampa International Airport and Dayton International for anyone with a Zune so that I can “squirt” a song to them.

goalrzuneOnce I get it I will put putting my iPods away for 30 days. If I get it tomorrow, that will make the 30th day January 11th, 2 days after Steve Jobs’ Keynote at MacWorld. I sort of hope he doesn’t announce any new iPod, what about an iPhone, does that count as an iPod?

Make sure to subscribe to ZuneStarr.com for daily updates about my experiences and questions I have with the Zune as I suffer through 30 days iPod free.

Once again, thank you to everyone who donated, your support is highly appreciated.

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