YouTubesday: Home movies

Today’s YouTubesday post is relating to home movies that have been made and posted on YouTube. Sure you are thinking that most of them are “home movies,” but I’m talking about videos that have a storyline (or at least attempt to).

First is one of my favorite up and coming web movies. This one is produced by some very talented people. The concept is great, and it has a story line even. Check out Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager Episode 1 (Further episodes available here).

Here is a very strange movie, The Clone Movie – Part 1. Umm, there is not much I can say about this, but what else do you expect from YouTube?

Last but not least is my brother’s first movie effort. This is Chapter 1.1 – Fallout of Peace from the movie Kingdoms of Earth. It is being released in sections, watch for more updates. The audio isn’t perfect for some reason, but I’m sure that it can be fixed. Enjoy!


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