MacHeist: 10 programs, $49

vaultWell time is ticking away before the deal of the century is about to end. Less then 6 days left to purchase the MacHeist 10 program set. 25% of the order goes to the charity of your choice as listed on the site.
Currently 8 of the 10 programs are unlocked. Once $50k is raise for charity, NewsFire will be unlocked for everyone. Once $100k is raised for charity TextMate will be unleashed.

These are 10 great applications for the Mac. Two of the applications in the bundle, Disco and iClip 4, haven’t even been released yet. The value of just the 8 programs alone is: $288.75; Value of all 10 is: $356.79.

There are volume discounts for up to 3 licenses, and I’ve already got someone who wants to split it. If we can get one more person, the cost per person is only $33. If you are interested please contact me via email.

Here is a description of each product from The Apple blog:

You’re getting 8-10 wonderful applications at a sixth of the cost of them separately, and each alone is worth more than the price of the bundle. First is Delicious Library, an amazing book, movie, game, and music cataloging application which can use your iSight to scan bar codes. Next is FotoMagico, a slideshow application extrordinaire, with Apple Remote support and DVD burning. Third is ShapeShifter, the insanely popular theming application for OS X, making the interface of your dreams just a click away. DEVONthink Personal follows, a database application to store your every text document, PDF, and email. Fifth, Disco, the CD/DVD burning application that’s easy to use and even smokes while it burns! RapidWeaver, the website creator that leaves even iWeb in its dust comes after, followed by iClip, the multiple clipboard manager that’ll make you wonder where its been all your life. The last of the definite inclusions is a Pangea Game, with choices of Pangea Arcade, Nanosaur 2, Bugdom 2, and Enigmo 2. If $50,000 is obtained for charities, next in the bundle will be NewsFire, an RSS reader with such a beautiful interface, it makes even Paul Thurrot’s words bearable. And finally, if the ultimate goal of $100,000 is reached, TextMate will be unlocked, an award-winning text editor to aid developers in the most daunting of tasks.

This is a limited time offer and time is running out.

Buy the bundle here (or contact me if you want to get in on the reduced cost)


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