More Microsoft contact;

A while back a story was published on the front page of the St. Petersburg Times about my TV habits. It involved viewing TV on my Media Center PC and iPod. Larry Larsen, of The Poynter Institute at the time contacted me after the article and we talked tech gadgets, etc.

Microsoft 10 Well he now is running for Channel 10 over at Microsoft. He ran across the evolving Zune story about my 30 day conversion. He donated $5 to the fund, and said he would help get me in contact with the Zune team with any questions I might have.

He also told me quite a bit about what Microsoft is working on, but I don’t want to get him in trouble so I’m not going to post anything as of yet. All I can say is that, “there are SO many really cool products.”
It seems Microsoft is trying to become a player in the gadget market, the Zune is a first step. I’m thinking about going to CES or MacWorld this year, but am not sure about the costs involved. I love to check out all of the latest gadgets out there.

That being said, I can’t wait to get the Zune. The fund is up to 70% ($85) of the goal of $125. Thanks to everyone for their donations as they continue to come in.
I wanted to also say, that my Zune efforts now have a permanent domain name: (DNS is still propagating in some areas).


3 thoughts on “More Microsoft contact;

  1. Nick, you’re such a whore. When you first talked about the Zune you slated it (quite rightly) for only bein able to play transferred songs for a few days after you received them. As soon as you sucker people into buying you one AND getting someone from Microshaft to let you in on a few secrets you’re singing their praises.


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