Apple Fanboy all the way

I can’t seem to catch a break. First people accuse me of not being fair and balanced in my reporting. Then people call me a whore for reporting about the Zune. Make up your mind people.

Right now I PERSONALLY do not like the Zune. It looks bulky, it only works on Windows, it is only 30 gigs, no click wheel, and the screen resolution is the same as the iPod.

This site isn’t, it is; my options and postings about what tech news I find cool. I don’t work for any large blogging or news organization, so my stories are going to take on a slant of my own personal views, simply because they can.

If you want to go out and buy a Zune, have at it. I don’t recommend it. If I were you I would go get an iPod, but that is my opinion. I started the Zune Fund Drive so that I could check out the Zune, and try to write about it without bias.

I don’t care what company sends me what. I don’t care if Microsoft sends me 10 Zunes, I don’t change my opinion on things simply because a company gives me something. I’ve gotten PLENTY of accessories from companies I don’t even care about, and some from companies that are cool. If I end up liking the product I will write about it. If not I give it away or junk it.

All this being said, I’m an Apple fanatic through and through. I didn’t buy the book, The Cult of Mac for nothing.


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